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All API Monogram licensing (API Specs. 2Y, 4F, 5CT, 5L. 6A,..10D,.. 14A. 16 A…19 G1…..etc)  Individual Certifications Programs (ICP) and management system registrations in accordance with latest API Spec Q1 & Q2.

American Petroleum Institute, commonly referred to as API, is the largest U.S trade association for the oil and natural gas industry. It claims to represent about 400 corporations involved in production, refinement, distribution, and many other aspects of the petroleum industry. API distributes more than 200,000 copies of its publications each year. The publications, technical standards, and electronic and online products are designed, according to API itself, to help users improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their operations, comply with legislative and regulatory requirements, and safeguard health, ensure safety, and protect the environment.


  • API Spec Q2 is the first international quality management system standard for service supply organizations offered by the American Petroleum Institute.
  • Published in December 2011, API Spec Q2, Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries outlines fundamental quality management system requirements that are critical to upstream operations.
  • The industry-written specification applies to critical activities such as well construction, intervention, production, abandonment, well servicing, equipment repair and maintenance, and inspection activities.
  • Service supply organizations will implement the requirements of API Spec Q2 throughout their quality management systems, creating a larger, more qualified service supply base.
  • Compliant service supply organizations will boast superior quality management systems that control all operational processes, provide consistent results, manage change effectively, continually improve, reduce operational downtime, and increase customer satisfaction.
  • A known leader in management system certification, API offers the certified organizations to get listed on the API Composite List, the web directory maintained by API and accessible to all.



  1. First standard that is tailored only for oil and gas upstream service providers.
  2. Easy integration with the existing applications.
  3. 27 mandatory process controls which are adequate enough to ensure sufficient controls.
  4. Adhere to industry regulatory requirements and standards.
  5. Establishes an organization culture based on prevention, rather than correction, with the help of features such like: Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning, Management of Change, Service Quality Plan, Controls for Service-Related Products and Non-Productive Time management.



  1. Acquire new business as major oil and gas firms require robust QMS to award contacts. i.e. API Q2 QMS is the mother of all quality documentation where it make the company eligible with pre-available documents needed for pre-qualification and other customer needs.
  2. Satisfy customer demand for high quality and low cost.
  3. Integrate service design and quality data.
  4. Build compliance and traceability into processes.
  5. Mitigate the risks from recalls.
  6. Advertise easily in worldwide with the help of API Composite List.
  7. Easy to enhance or expand the operations with the help of world class structured QMS.
  8. Provide more advanced technical knowledge to the local companies which have limited resources to international knowledge.



  1. Performing API gap analysis.
  2. Design and Establish API System Documentation (policy, quality manual, procedures and forms).
  3. Impart necessary training, awareness, documentation and internal audit training.
  4. Effective system API implementation support.
  5. API Pre-Certification Audit.
  6. Coordinate API Certification Audits.
  7. Achieving API Certification

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