OHSAS 18001 for Construction companies

Prevent Dengue, implement OHSAS

Prevent Dengue, implement OHSAS 18001

Most construction companies follow very poor procedures at the time of construction leaving behind lot of debris and water all around. This becomes an easy breeding ground for Mosquitoes. It just takes few days from larvae stage to a fully grown dengue mosquitoes to spread havoc to employees and neighbors.

An effective housekeeping and certain engineering controls can completely eliminate the cause for breeding of these deadly mosquitoes.

Lets fight for the cause and implement an effective OHSAS 18001 at construction sites. Care for your employees, neighbors and have a good OHSAS 18001 System .

Call 9845313910 or 9845078743 to know the advantages of OHSAS 18001 implementation at construction sites. To know advantages of OHSAS 18001 implement all the controls for atleast 12 months and see for yourself the difference.